Something More

As I sit here and stare,
I wonder just how I will fare.
In this lonely life of mine,
I hope there is something to find.
Something that will help me see,
all that life can possibly be.

I almost found it once ago,
but then knew to let them go.
Many 'almosts' have come to my door,
but nothing yet has become more.
So as I wonder how I will fare,
I sit and hope, hope for more.

Someone who will sit and talk,
and also isn't afraid to mock.
I am willing to take a jump,
and maybe end up with a lump
to find someone who will take that leap,
and is willing to maybe land in a heap.

So many stories in my mind,
I wonder who they will find.
Who will want enough to care,
to see just what I can share.
I have so much I want to give,
and am looking for a reason to fully live.

So here I sit alone,
my only escape is my phone.
In music I can take a break,
from this life that just feels fake.
But the music ends, and life comes back,
reminding me of what I lack.

All I want is someone to care,
to be around and willing to share.
Maybe someone will come and see,
everything that makes me me.
And so I hope for something more,
more than what life currently is for.
-Jason Reck
-Something More

©2005 All Rights Reserved

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