Friendship Trust

Life is full of many roads,
who knows what they may hold.
In everyone's little slice of life,
there is sure to be some strife.
A little pain, a little bliss,
and every once in a while, a kiss.

Having someone not return the way you feel;
it takes a very long time to heal.
A chance was all I asked for,
just one chance and nothing more.
Instead you went your own way,
and so distant I stayed - held at bay.

Everything seemed to be right there,
I was ready to really care.
Instead someone else came,
the fact it was hidden was pretty lame.
A good friend I resigned myself to be,
but being that is going to be hard I see.

Trust is a very key thing to me;
and right now it is hard to see.
It would be easy for me to chide,
if you had just really lied.
If a friend you want me to be,
then there has to be some trust in me.

Having friends is important to me,
and I try to be the best friend I can be.
But friendship is a two-way street,
And fixing that once broke is quiet a feat.
Gone now is my last glimmer of hope,
and now I will attempt to cope.

I trusted in you a lot,
but it seems that trust has been shot.
And for that trust to come back,
it will take a lot of things that currently lack.
And so here I will sit and wait,
until I see what else comes with fate.
-Jason Reck
-Friendship Trust

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